TSR Runner of the Week-Brea Lewis

By: Kayla Dodd

I would like to introduce you to this week’s TSR Runner of the Week, Brea Lewis. She has been running for her entire life and absolutely loves it! She said, “I have ran my entire life, I raced the boys in elementary, ran track & field in middle school and high school (back when one mile was WAY too far!), took a break for about ten years and then started again.” Her first race was in 1995 and that was her first 5k. It was the SOMC 5k and she placed in her age group! Her current PR’s consist of: 5k (23:37), 10k (49:40), Half Marathon (1:57), Marathon (4:42), 50k (6:02) and the 50 miler (11:04). Brea’s current running goals consist of completing the Yeti 100 Miler in September!!

Brea is motivated to run because of her children, her health and her love of nature; she also pushes herself until she is exhausted and has nothing left to give. She sets goals for herself and then crushes them!! One of the coolest things that she has experienced on a run was being a part of her friends' wedding proposal halfway through a run!! Her race calendar for the year is full of upcoming races. She is currently training for the RTB 7 miler, Ragnar Kentuckiana, Big Turtle Trail Marathon, ThunderBunny 50k, Run Under the Stars 10 hour run, and the Yeti 100 miler. Her dream race that she would love to participate in is any Ironman event. She said, “I will get there someday.”

Her favorite running/motivational quote is, “Forward. Relentless. Progress.” Her best experience from running has been being able to help others achieve their running goals and make new friends. “I love my running community!” Her favorite brand of running shoes are the ALTRAS and her favorite piece of running gear is her Garmin, she loves all of the data that it can store for her! Her furthest race distance that she has ran so far is 50.5 miles at the Tunnel Hill Ultra.

When asked what advice she would give to a beginner runner, she said, “Don't stop, we were ALL beginners at one time...keep moving forward.” Running has truly benefitted and changed Brea’s life. She has made many new friendships, created a healthy lifestyle for herself, and is being the example to her children to show them that with hard work you CAN achieve your goals! “I love my solo runs when my legs just go and God clears my mind of all the stress and anxiety of day to day life. I am SO thankful that I am a runner. I wish everyone could experience it.” Congrats to Brea on all of her awesome runner achievements, Team TSR will see you at the finish line!     

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