Workout Wednesday - Get in the Pool Edition

By: Brittany Dino

It's officially the beginning of summer, and man is it humid out! With that said most people start lacking on workouts and spend more time relaxing in cool water and nice shade. So let's get a workout that can benefit us healthy wise and keep us cool. A nice in pool or water workout, is perfect for this humid start of summer. Here's a couple to try!

Tall glass of Leg:

  • 10 cross country skiing 
  • 10 Hamstring curls ( 10 on both sides)
  • 15 minute's of running in place 
  • 20 jumping Jacks
  • 15 outer leg lifts ( 15 on both sides) 

Rest for 10 minutes, repeat 4 times

Mermaid Workout:

  • 3 Laps Breast stroke warmup
  • 2 Laps Free Style
  • 1 Lap Breast Stroke
  • 1 Lap Free Style
  • 1 Laps Backstroke
  • 2 Laps Breast Stoke
  • 1 Lap Free  Style
  • 1 Lap Backstroke

10 minutes rest , repeat 1 to 2 times

Don't forget to stay hydrated during this humid summer!! Always make sure to keep your runs during sun rise and sun set to prevent damage to your body.

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