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Jackson, OH - Jackson County Health Department, 200 E Main Street


October 27, 2020- 6:30 PM


5 km


The race starts and finishes near the Jackson County Health Department located at 200 E. Main Street at the intersection of Portsmouth and E. Main Street in Jackson.  The course takes runners on a scenic tour of Jackson. The course is rolling with no major hills. The course uses the certified Kiwanis Apple 5K course with a modified start and finish line moved to the health department. 



Name of the course Jackson Kiwanis Apple 5K Distance 5 km Location (state) OH (city) Jackson Type of course: Road Race Measuring Methods: Bicycle Measured By Joe Corra - 1757 Blennerhassett heights - Parkersburg, WV 26101 - (304) 488-4108 - runjoerun@hotmail.com Race Contact Greg Ervin - gaervin1@gmail.com Date(s) when course measured: 02/02/2020 Number of measurements of entire course: 2 Course Configuration: loop Elevation (meters above sea level) Start 207.00 Finish 207.00 Lowest 201 Highest 213 Straight line distance between start and finish 0 m Drop 0.00 m/km Separation 0.00 % Type of surface: Paved 100 % Dirt 0 % Gravel 0 % Grass 0 % Track 0 % Effective date of certification: February 18, 2020 Certification code: OH20001MW Note to Race Director: Use this Certification Code in all public announcements relating to your race. Be It Officially Noted That Based on examination of data provided by the above named measurer, the course described above and in the map attached is hereby certified as reasonably accurate in measurement according to the standards adopted by the Road Running Technical Council. If any changes are made to the course, this certification becomes void, and the course must then be recertified. Verification of Course --- In the event a National Open Record is set on the course, or at the discretion of USA Track & Field, a verification measurement may be required to be performed by a member of the Road Running Technical Council. If such a remeasurement shows the course to be short, then all pending records will be rejected and the course certification will be cancelled. This certification expires on December 31 of the year: 2030 AS NATIONALLY CERTIFIED BY: Date: February 20, 2020 Mike Wickiser - USATF/RRTC Certifier - 93 Geoppert Rd, Peninsula OH 44264 (330) 592-4417 - Mike@Coursemeasurement.com Version: 2019b OH20001MW - page 2 of 2

Entry Fees

$20.00 (Includes T-Shirt and Glow in the Dark Itmes)

Age Groups


12 and younger, 13-19, 20-39, 40 and over


12 and younger, 13-19, 20-39, 40 and over



1st Place in each category

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