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Mandatory Waiver & Release of Liability

Acknowledgement of Inherent Risk, Waiver and Release, and Indemnification Agreement

1. I acknowledge and understand that there are inherent risks associated with participating in the Mountaineer Area’s Young Life More Fun Run 2018 (hereinafter “the Event”) that will be held for the benefit of the Young Life Mountaineer Area on August 25, 2018, including, but not limited to, those caused by terrain, facilities, temperature, weather, conditions of the athletes, equipment, vehicular traffic, actions of other people, including, but not limited to, participants, volunteers, spectators, coaches, event officials, and event monitors, and/or producers of the event, and lack of hydration. I will assume all of the risks associated therewith, whether known or unknown to me at this time. I acknowledge and certify that I am fit to run and/or walk in this event, have sufficiently trained for participation in this event and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person. I hereby consent to medical treatment which may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident and/or illness during the Event.

2. In consideration of permitting me to participate in the Event, I release the following entities and/or persons and their directors, officers, employees, and agents from responsibility for my accidental physical injury, including death or illness, and loss of, or damage to, personal property while participating in this race: Young Life, and any other event holders, sponsors, directors and volunteers. This release is also intended to include all claims made by my family, estate, heirs, personal representative or assigns. I acknowledge and certify that I will indemnify and hold harmless the entities and/or persons mentioned in this paragraph from any and all liability and/or claims made by other individuals and/or entities as a result of my actions during the Event.

3. I understand that bicycles, skateboards, roller skates or blades, and animals are prohibited in the Event, and I agree to abide by this rule.
Acknowledgement of Inherent Risk, Waiver and Release for Minor Participant

4. If I am under age 18, my parent or guardian, by signing below, also consents to my release and he or she agrees that this release shall be binding upon him or her as my parent or guardian as to me and my estate, heirs, personal representatives and assigns. My parent or guardian acknowledges that I am fit to participate in this event, as stated in paragraph 1. My parent or guardian also promises, by signing below, to defend, indemnify and hold Young Life, and the other entities and/or people named in paragraph 2, harmless from any claim asserted by me against Young Life and the other entities and/or people set forth in paragraph 2, including their trustees, employees and agents, if I should repudiate this release after obtaining adulthood. My parent or guardian also agrees, by signing below, that I will abide by the rule stated in paragraph 3.

Photo Release
5. I hereby grant permission to Young Life the right to use, reproduce, and/or distribute photographs, films, videotapes, and sound recordings of me, without compensation or approval rights, for use in materials created for purposes of promoting the activities of Young Life.

I agree that I am releasing the service provider ( from liability for injuries resulting from the ordinary negligence of the provider.

By clicking the Accept Waiver button below, I agree that I have read and accept the above waiver. I also agree that I am over 18 years of age OR the parent/legal guardian of a minor under 18 years of age OR the legal guardian of an incapacitated and/or mentally challenged person.

By clicking the Accept Waiver button below, I am also agreeing that I have read and accept the
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