Truth or Dare Series: TRUTH

By: Rachel Gibson

Continuing on with my childish antics (hey, a girl’s got to work with what she’s got, and what I’ve got is a very immature personality…what gives?), it’s time for the polar of the previous series (found here if you haven't read it)…it’s time for TRUTH.  So here’s my question, and I expect full honesty, as that’s what I’m giving you for your judgment-of-random-strangers pleasure:  what is the most shameless reason you’ve signed up for a race?


C’mon, let’s hear it, there are a million reasons besides the standard “I heard this was a great course”, “I love the crowd support” or “It’s such a beautiful getaway”.  Blah, blah, blah!  I want the dirt!  I want the truth!  I have heard of several, ranging from—


-The shirts are so cute this year, I have to have one!  (Umm, hello Bank of America Chicago Marathon tech tee, you are beautiful…)


-So-and-so ran this and got a PR, I have to beat her time!  (Also guilty of this.  And yes, I did.)


-I need to get away from work/family and this race seemed like a good excuse! (Shame on you.  And me.)


-Everyone else is doing this race, so why shouldn’t I?  (I don’t call this shameless.  I call this a good time.)


My own personal truth (and judge me all you want, I know I do): I signed up for the 2010 Georgia Marathon just so I could go back to the city to drink their local beer.  That’s right, after moving away from Peachtree St. to a place where Sweetwater Blue was nowhere in sight, I found myself craving that deliciously crisp lager…but traveling from Chicago to Atlanta just for beer...hardly seemed right.  Traveling from Chicago to Atlanta for a marathon and a beer…bingo!  So I did just that.  I sat in Mellow Mushroom in Midtown enjoying a pitcher of Blue (oh hush, it wasn’t all for me!) and ran 26.2 miles through the city’s streets all in one weekend.  And it was glorious.  Truth be told, I feel no shame; I enjoyed every minute of it.  And those’re my beans, spilled all over the floor…so how about you?  What’s your shameless truth?

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