TSR Runner of the Week-Dru Bora

By: Kayla Dodd

I would like to introduce you to this week’s TSR Runner of the Week, Dru Bora. He has been on his running journey for 7 years now and is loving it! His first race was the Adam Johnson Memorial 3 miler (March 27, 2010). “I have raced in 137 events since then, including races of various distances, both road and trail, as well as three triathlons.”

Dru has a variety of PR’s, since he runs all distances! 5K - 20:07, 10K - 43:36, Half Marathon - 1:36:54 & Marathon - 3:30:28. When asked what running goals he had for himself, he said, “Hopefully, I can break 20 minutes in a 5K soon. I would also like to qualify for the Boston Marathon, but with my current qualifying time of 3:25 in my age bracket, I may have a better chance when I turn 50 in two years when my qualifying time goes up to 3:35. So, I guess there are some benefits to getting older!”

He initially started running to stay healthy. Then he found that racing kept him motivated to keep running. “These days, helping coach my daughter’s cross country and track teams at Hurricane Middle School has rejuvenated my running spirit. So now, it’s more about keeping up with her rather than racing.” Dru enjoys running and racing with his daughter, Asha! “Also, now that I have a running partner, it has strengthened our father/daughter bond. As I see her slowly developing into a promising young runner, she has become my inspiration to keep at it.”

One of the coolest and unique things that he has seen at a race was seeing a runner dribbling a basketball at the Cleveland Marathon in 2015. “I had to do a double take at first because I thought I was seeing things. Amazingly, he was ahead of me, and I never saw him again. I assume he finished.” I must say that this is something that I have never seen either!  

Dru’s ‘Dream race' is the Boston Marathon. “I would also like to do some races abroad, especially in Ireland (e.g., Dublin Marathon). I spent quite a bit of time over there before I started running, so I would like to experience the beautiful countryside on foot, instead of from a car or bus.” His favorite running/motivational quote is his family’s motivational quote: “Keep Moving Forward.”

His best experience from running is the relationship that he now has with his daughter. “I value our runs together more than races, although when we race each other, the gloves come off!!!!” I myself can say that I have seen them racing it out to the finish line!!!! “Running has also given me this wonderful opportunity to be an assistant coach. When I first started running, it was all about me and my accomplishments. Now, to experience it through my daughter and the successes of the kids I help train has put a whole new meaning to running for me.” 

His favorite brand of running shoes are the Saucony Kinvaras, these have been his go-to shoe since their inception. “These shoes were actually first released the year I started running competitively.” His favorite piece of running gear is his Garmin watch. "My furthest distance to date has been 26.54 miles, according to my Garmin!”

When asked what advice he would give to a beginner runner, he said, “It doesn’t matter how fast or how far you go, just go. The rest will fall into place over time.”

Beyond the health benefits, running also benefits him mentally, “it keeps me sane.” Running has had a huge impact on his life! “The stress of the day that I normally feel at the beginning of a run goes away by the time I finish. My biggest fear is not being able to run one day.” Running has been instrumental in Dru’s life and while he benefits mentally and physically from running, the relationship between him and his daughter has strengthened through running. Congrats to Dru on all of his running accomplishments and the impact that he has on other runners, TSR will see you at the finish line! 

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