TSR Runner of the Week-Jarek Compston

By: Kayla Dodd

Congratulations to 5 year old, Jarek Compston on being the TSR Runner of the Week! Being that he is only 5 years old, he may not have much running experience but he has a BIG heart for running! Jarek started running almost a year ago, the Turkey Trot in Russell, KY. His mom, Amy, said that he really wanted to do the race, so she let him! His mom is a runner and that’s all he’s known since he’s been born – running. The strong inspiration from his parents got him started, and through his running he is already able to help others!

On October 1st of this month, Jarek ran in the Mission: Education 10k in Kenova, at just 5 years old!!!!!! But, he went beyond just completing the 6.2 mile run. He did not just run for fun, but for BIBLE’S! Chris and Amy Compston of the Amy for Africa mission, do mission work and raise money for Christian-based schools in Uganda and the surrounding areas. Jarek’s plan for this 10k was to raise enough money to purchase 100 Ugandan Bibles for his mom and dad to take with them in January to Uganda. The Bibles are $10.50 each. He asked sponsors to give him $2 for every mile he completed, which would be a total of $12 for completing the 6.2 (10k) distance.

When asked what inspired Jarek to want to do this, here is what Amy said, “We now are starting on our 7th school that we’re planting. It’s in a new area in Uganda that they haven’t been to. Ladies at the church asked us to buy Bibles, but the pastor needed it in the native language. Jarek had already signed up for the race and I thought he might be able to help with the need for Bibles. I asked him if he wanted to run for Bibles. Jarek told me he would run for 5! I told him to think BIGGER, like God. He then said 8. Then I suggested 100!! In the end, we were able to raise enough money for 209 Bibles, at $10.50 each. So about $2,100 was raised in total!!”

When asked what Jarek wanted to be when he grows up, Amy said, “he mentioned a doctor, so he can go to Africa and help. His father and I feel that he has a calling to be a missionary or pastor. He has a heart for God. He loves the Lord.”

Jarek has strong influences in his life that help to make him who he is. His mom always runs with him when he does a longer race or even training runs! This year, the cross country team asked him to run. Only 3rd grade and up can usually run and he’s just in kindergarten! Amy encourages him to run but never forces it. They want running to be a fun and enjoyable experience for him.

Congratulations to Jarek on this awesome accomplishment and for being such an encouragement to the community. I know that I was amazed when I saw him at the 10k race a few weekends ago, this is truly an amazing story of Jarek. Team TSR wishes him the best of luck with all of his future running goals, we know he will do GREAT things in the future. Be on the lookout for this awesome 5 year old boy at your next race….he might be passing you!

Do you know someone who should be the TSR Runner of the Week? Comment below or email kayla@tristateracer.com.

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