I Think I'm in Love With Running Again

By: Brad Deel

I haven't blogged in a while because, quite honestly, I had no desire to come on here just to rant and rage.  You see, I have a marathon coming up on March 18.  Specifically, I'm running the Wrightsville Beach Marathon and I'm hoping to run sub 3:05.  Because of that goal I have been engaging in what is for me some very hard training.

Recently, I had weeks of 74 miles, 70 miles and 91 miles.  The 91 mile week was capped with a 22 mile long run consisting of a 2 mile warm up + 4 miles tempo + 10 miles easy + 2 miles tempo + 4 miles easy.  For those who don't recognize it, that is one of those crazy Jack Daniels workouts from his Marathon "A" Plan.  I had to take three unplanned rest days after that workout because my left ankle was sore.

Those three weeks sapped my enthusiasm for running.  On top of that, I forced myeslf to run late at night both last night (Saturday, March 3) and tonight (Sunday, March 4).  The late night runs were necessitated simply by life getting in the way of my running plans.  Normally, I'd just blow them off and not worry about it.  However, I feel like I have to make myself crank out the mileage with the upcoming marathon.

As I started my run tonight, I had every intention of blogging that I couldn't wait for marathon training to end so I wouldn't force myself to do silly and pointless things like run late at night.  And yet, the last two nights have been marvelous.

Both times, I left the watch at home and just ran.  Both times, I ran a significant number of hills whereas I usually run on flat ground.  Both times, I could see the stars in the night sky and imagine chasing them down.  Both times, I could feel my legs flying across the ground and I could picture myself scooting along like Ryan Hall or, to keep it local, Jason Pyles.  I have no idea what my pace was and it most definitely wasn't remotely close to the paces Jason runs but I managed to capture that magic anyway.  And now, despite having to force myself to get out of the door, I find that I'm in love with running all over again.  It is ironic in the extreme that I began this evening forcing myself to do something I found silly and pointless and ended it looking forward to strapping on my shoes tomorrow.

I'm not quite sure what I did to please the running gods but I'll take it for now.  See ya out there.

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