Why Kellie, of Two Nutrition Nuts, loves running so much!

By: Kellie McKinney

I started running regularly when training for the MU half marathon last November and it’s been one of the most inspiring and motivating teachers I’ve ever had. 

Training for the MU Half Marathon became my release valve. When I was running, there were no phones, no texts, no emails. 

Here are just a few reasons why I love running so much! 

1. It allows you to physically step out of your comfort zone.

I get my best ideas when I am running, more so when I'm kicking my own butt. The more I push myself out of my comfort zone, the more my brain and emotions want to move out of theirs, too. 

2. " off grid" 

Stop allowing things or people measure your worth. The more we look for outside validation, the weaker our internal system becomes. If you don’t practice listening to yourself, you’ll forget how.

3. A high-five can change the day for the better

I look forward to the morning greetings in the park with fellow runners ! I now give high-fives, a friendly nod or wink to strangers in the park and receive some of the best smiles in return! 

4.  Motivation 

Say it with enthusiasm !! Be supportive and show love! During races, I compliment and encourage strangers the whole way. If you’ve got love and a kind word to spread ....do so

5. Pace doesn’t matter.

Some days you’re fast, some days you feel slow. Whatever.  Getting up and moving towards your goals is the only thing that matters.

6. Run for "you"

Running keeps moving me forward...leading me to the next chapter and I'm thankful for each day and each run. 


Pineapple- banana escape smoothie 

Recipe :

·         4 ice cubes 

·         1 cup fresh pineapple chunks 

·         1 banana cut into chunks 

·         1 cup pineapple juice 

** may also add 1/2 cup Greek yogurt to add protein and thickness.  Place all ingredients into blender and purée until smooth.  Enjoy!


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