Transformation Tuesday - Megan

By: Brittany Dino

Many people try to make healthy change either for themselves or for others, Megan Fernandez needed to make a healthy change for medical reasons. 

At age twenty one she was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and she knew then that she needed to make a healthier lifestyle change not only for her but for her kids. Megan has been running over a two year expand, she hit a wall in her goals of losing weight when she found out she also has a heart condition that causes her heart to beat too fast.

She was hospitalized for the heart condition, but is now back to trying to continue running for a healthier lifestyle. 

With her beginning weight 190’s and now down to 135 lbs, Megan has lost over 50 lbs. Her last race she ran was Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon in Lexington KY, her dream race is the Charleston Distance Run this summer. 

Mrs. Fernandez wants other runners who are trying to lose weight, “Setbacks may seem like canyons placed between you and your goals, but you can always build a bridge across the canyon and get back on track to your goals. 

Don't beat yourself up if you're not at the level you want to be or if you missed a run. Just get back out there and with consistency and perseverance you'll be better than ever.” 

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