Do you suffer from EIS?

By: Pat Riley

We all know that working out is the best thing that you can do for your body and mind. However, there are some minor temporary setbacks to a great run, like body soreness, chafing, and some mental issues. There are hundreds of articles online that address what to do for body and muscle soreness after a run, but we wanted to talk about the mental side of the post-run that causes us to do some things we wouldn’t normally do.

If you answers "Yes", to any of these, you might suffer from EIS:

  • Have you ever ran off the course during a race when a volunteer was showing you exactly where to go?
  • Forgotten how many miles you have run, or wanted to run?
  • Have you ever driven to the wrong house after a long run?
  • Forgot your running shoes on top of the car and driven off?
  • Forgot to give a ride home to your running partner when they stepped into the bathroom real quick? (Happend to me once!)
  • Tied your left shoe to your right shoe?
  • Forgotten to unpeel a banana before eating it (Seen this more than once!)

If this is the case, you might suffer from Exercised Induced Stupidity (EIS). This is not a serious condition and it only lasts as long as it takes for the blood to get out of your legs and back to your brain. In our unprofessional and unscientific opinion (We are not doctors), we believe this may be caused by the surge of blood that is sent to your legs while running, leaving your brain with a little less to function.

Next time that you do something stupid after a workout, don’t worry, just simply chalk it up to a case of EIS! I have been doing it for years!

Do you have any great stories of yourself or another suffering a bad case of EIS? Let us know!

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