Heart Sole & Glove 5k

By: Bobbie Perkins

This race was originally set for February 15, but the weather caused a delay. Oh well. It was much better on the 23rd! I have always enjoyed the HSG 5K. The first year I participated they had the best post-race snacks, and that's all it took for me to be hooked! Oh yeah, I'm one of those who runs for food!
I have run the course several times for various races so I was pretty familiar with it. But I was a little confused when the email said the course was out & back as I remember it being a loop. My husband was able to join me along with one of my buddies Sherry. Sherry and I ran a fairly hard 4k race the day before. It was my fourth straight day running, so my legs were a little tired.
I was surprised the crowd wasn't nearly as large as I had expected since the weather was so pretty. It was sunny and about 45° but windy. I think there were a little over 200 people.
I like it when Gerard (my hubs) is there, for two main reasons 1. Quality time together of course and 2. He's way faster than I am so I can use him to judge how well I'm doing (or not doing!). If I can see him, I'm good. My legs were tired and I could feel it but I still was planning on trying to run hard or a little faster than everyday pace.
My first mile was 8:30 - awesome for me! Sure enough, it was an out and back course which meant no hills! I was still feeling pretty good and happy to see that I was only about 30-45 seconds behind Gerard at the turn around, but after that turn we were running into the wind and I felt like I was treadmill-running AKA "running in place." My second mile was 8:37. Running into the wind really takes a lot out of you (well me anyway) and I could feel how tired my legs were going into the third mile and how my "fast" pace was quickly fading. In the last ½ mile I had to walk twice - about five steps to clear my snotty throat (yuck I know!). My third mile was 9:09. When I saw the 3-mile marker and knew there was very little to go, I gave it all I had! For some reason my timing chip didn't pick up so they only had gun time for my results of 27:08 (my Garmin has me at 27:00) I was first in my age group!
HSG is always very organized and well put on race. I love that they have raffles after the race. Although the after snacks weren't as awesome as I remembered, the age group awards were extremely awesome grey scarves with the HSG logo! Thanks for another great race. I can't wait until next year!

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