Huntington Hash Run Recap

By: Rachel Gibson

This post refers to the Hash House Harrier run that took place in Huntington on Tuesday.  If you are unfamiliar with Hash House Harriers, refer to the blog site for a previous post explaining what this social running group is all about!


1.To anyone that joined in Tuesday's hash run over in Huntington, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!  (It's easy to see why this hash group is attracting so many newcomers, as the group itself is fun, friendly and not in the least intimidating, at least when it comes to running... :)


2.  What a rollercoaster of emotion that was as one of two new harriettes!  We spent a week planning together (from 3,000 miles apart, no less) but realize that there is still much to learn in the Harrier House Hash world!


3.  The first of 3 beer stops (beer nears--I'm trying to refrain from using an overabundance of Hash lingo for those who have not yet experienced the awesomeness of it all yet) was stolen, which means someone is walking around Huntington with a Christmas gift bag full of 6 waters, 18 beers, a note from the harriettes and two santa hats for the birthday runners!  Heartbreaking!!!


4.  ARROWS work best.  Lesson learned. 


5.  The folks at Fat Patty's are downright awesome.  When we were running low on chalk, they sure saved the day!


6.  The turnout of newcomers was absolutely phenomenal!!  Had we known that response was coming, we would have laid a much shorter trail most certainly, just to break everyone in to this fantastic phenomenon of hash running.


7.  If you see various chalk markings on streets or sidewalks throughout Huntington over the next several days, that was us.  ON-ON.  :)


So thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of this group.  If you need more info or this sounds like something you want to do, go to:  There's a Christmas-themed hash in St. Albans next week--hope to see you there!! 

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