Detroit Marathon Race Recap

By: Rachel Gibson

Another weekend with another marathon to recap...I swear one of these days I'll slow down. Okay, that's absolutely not true--life is for livin', and there isn't a better way to live life than to run across the US-Canadian border just as the sun is barely peeking over the horizon and your shoes are hitting the bridge pavement to a rhythmic beat as you feel your heart pumping, reminding you that you are, in fact, ALIVE and taking advantage of all the amazing things this world (or at least these two countries) have to offer.


Yes, I got a little wispy going over the bridge.


It was a great race--directly after running the Chicago marathon it seemed so much smaller in comparison, but having perks like sunrise over the bridge and a mile underwater through the Windsor-Detroit tunnel back to the USA made this a marathon to remember. There were other things too, like the hash house harrier group who marked 24 miles of true trail and the offer for free strip searches at the border, but the bridge was truly the most breathtaking of all.


Hooray for a run into Canada and back!


*At the start the dark.*


*Running over the Ambassador Bridge at sunrise.  As someone who has lived in Michigan, I have to say it brought back all the memories from 2007...I miss it there almost as much as I miss Chicago.*


*Marathon #24*

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