Tin Man 5K Run/Walk

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6:00 AM on 10/19/2018


Weirton, WV - Weirton Event Center/Downtown Weirton


October 20, 2018 - 8:00 AM


5 K


Course Map

Beginning at the corner of Lee Ave and East St, runners, followed by walkers, will proceed past the Weirton Event Center down to Cove Rd where they'll hang a left and head to Weir Ave, another left.  This is a steep, but short, incline that will open into a gently sloping downhill straightaway traveling behind the B.O.P. part of the Weirton Steel Mill.  This giant structure, in the process of being demolished, against the backdrop of the river and opposite side of the valley will keep participants company until they make their first twisting turn downhill towards Pennsylvania Ave, where they'll turn left.  It's a short distance on Pennsylvania Ave before they'll make their turn onto the main road, Route 2, through Weirton and will make their way through the Mill itself and back into Downtown Weirton.  Structures, pipes and wires straddle this road, an overpass with parts of the mill beneath it and on either side, continuing to slope downward at a gentle grade with one gradual turn.  Traveling past the downtown shops of Weirton, participants will cross through the main intersection, by Cove Commons Park, and make their final left turn onto Municipal Drive at the Mary H. Weir Public Library.  The finish line should be visible just past the Community Center entrance and Weirton Fire Dept.  

Entry Fees

Adults for both categories, running or walking, will be charged the $25 registration fee.  Kids aged 12 and under will be charged $12.  The registration fee covers the cost of the event and includes a commemorative t-shirt, swag bag and online access to their timing and any professional photography taken of them during the event. There is a small processing fee with online registrations.  Printable forms can be downloaded and either mailed in or hand-delivered with payment as an alternative. 


Age Groups

For both runners and walkers, there are two age groups for registration:  kids, aged 12 and under and adults, aged 13 and over.  All ages are welcome to participate and are advised to proceed at their own abilities.  Registration includes a commemorative t-shirt, swag bag and online access to their times and professional photography taken at event.



This being the inaugural year for both the Tin Man 5k Run/Walk and the Gate 5 Industrial Arts Festival, celebrating the industrial heritage and future of Weirton and surrounding areas, three awards will be issued to the first, second and third place finishers of the runners group, based on time.  Awards will be specially designed according to the theme of the entire Industrial event and will be unique

Charity Information

This event, and the festival it kicks off, celebrates the rich history of metal fabrication, glass making and ceramic working in the area and the hope of the Renaissance Weirton Corp. is to draw attention to this history and stir up inspiration for its future in the area.  

More Information

This event is Rain or Shine!  Please dress accordingly!  We look forward to seeing you Race Day!

Questions and other inquiries can be sent to: TinManWeirton@gmail.com.

For more information about the Gate 5 Industrial Arts Festival, please visit the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Gate5Arts.


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